“He’s intriguing” — Song Hye Kyo and Ra Mi Ran shares what it was like working with actor Lee Do Hyun

Song Hye Kyo and Ra Mi Ran have both expressed admiration for Lee Do Hyun‘s real-life personality.

In his role as Choi Kang Ho in “The Good Bad Mother, Lee Do Hyun‘s outstanding performance played a significant role in the drama’s success.

Not only does Lee Do Hyun captivate the audience with his acting skills, but his humble and genuine nature off-screen further endears him to people.

Ra Mi Ran, who portrays Jin Young Soon in “The Good Bad Mother,” shared some noteworthy remarks about Lee Do Hyun in an interview.

Ra Mi Ran stated, “Lee Do Hyun and I are close and had a wonderful time working together. He is someone who knows how to give and take, and he’s also an intriguing friend.”

She added, “Initially, Lee Do Hyun was rather shy and not the type to initiate conversations. However, he always treats me with politeness, so I couldn’t resist striking up a conversation with him. It felt like breaking open a mine with a pickaxe.

Ahn Eun Jin also had interesting insights about Lee Do Hyun. Prior to filming “The Good Bad Mother,” Song Hye Kyo, who co-starred with Lee Do Hyun in “The Glory,” spoke highly of him to Ahn Eun Jin.

Song Hye Kyo described Lee Do Hyun as a professional actor who is dedicated to his work and has the ability to inspire his fellow actors on set.

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