“We can feel her frustration” aespa’s Karina Opens Up About Personal Insecurities Despite Talent and Physical Fitness

aespa‘s Karina Opens Up About Complexes Despite Talent and Physical Fitness

In a recent appearance on the YouTube channel ‘Hanbam Idol Complaints Office,’ the members of aespa, the popular K-pop group, bravely shared their concerns with senior singer Heo Young-ji.

The candid conversation shed light on the personal struggles even the most talented and physically fit members face in the industry.

During the show, aespa members wrote down their worries on notes and deposited them into the “Idol Complaint Box.” To provide guidance and support, Heo Young-ji randomly selected a note and offered counseling based on the concern shared.

The first concern to be unveiled was that of Karina, one of the talented members of aespa. With honesty and vulnerability, Karina confessed, “Even though I exercise, I struggle to develop muscles. I feel like I lack personal talents and find it challenging to respond when asked about my specialties.”

It is worth noting that Karina had previously appeared on MBC’s ‘Point of Omniscient Interference‘ last year, where she revealed her dedicated exercise routine.

During that time, she focused on sculpting her physique through targeted exercises for her buttocks and waist.

Karina further expressed her desire, saying, “Don’t you have those aspirations? Having well-defined abs, a firm body. However, no matter how much I exercise, I’ve never seen my abs develop.”

Seeking a solution to her complaint, Karina jokingly requested assistance from Heo Young-ji, who playfully responded, “These days, there are experts who specialize in body makeup. I’ll provide you with their contact information,” sparking laughter as she reached out to aespa‘s manager.

Later, Heo Young-ji reassured Karina, stating, “Isn’t it simply a matter of body type? Don’t stress too much. Personally, I exercise regularly for my health, and being fair-skinned makes any slight improvements more noticeable.”

Heo Young-ji empathetically expressed faux anger on Karina‘s behalf, understanding the pressure she felt regarding the absence of personal talents.

Meanwhile, amidst these personal struggles, aespa, including Karina, recently achieved a remarkable milestone.

On May 10th, the group graced the main stage of the prestigious outdoor music festival ‘The Governors Ball Music Festival 2023’ held in New York. This historic moment marked aespa as the first-ever K-pop group to accomplish such a feat, further solidifying their international prominence and success.

The open discussion on the ‘Hanbam Idol Complaints Office’ not only shed light on the challenges faced by aespa members but also emphasized the importance of supporting and understanding the complexities that arise even for the most accomplished individuals in the entertainment industry.



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