“Just do rock paper scissors” — NMIXX’s visit to “Music Bank” sparks debate about fairness in “ending fairy” selection process

The latest episode of ‘Dol Night, 2 Days‘ has sparked a heated discussion among K-pop fans after NMIXX members visited the KBS offices for ‘Music Bank‘ and asked the producers about the selection process of the “ending fairies.”

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, the “ending fairies” are the members of a K-pop group who are selected to close out the performance with a final pose or gesture.

According to the camera director of the program, the members for the final shots of each performance are selected by the main producer and further discussed with one of the senior camerapersons who could potentially suggest new members.

However, the selection process for the “ending fairies” varies for each episode and is agreed upon among the camera directors and the producer.

This revelation has sparked a range of reactions from netizens, with some expressing surprise that the companies of the groups are not the ones choosing the “ending fairies.”

Others have expressed their desire to see the return of group ending shots, as they feel that the individual “ending fairy” parts have become tiring and repetitive.

Some have also raised concerns about the emotional impact of never being selected as an “ending fairy.”

Here are some of the reactions from netizens:

“Wait, so the companies of the groups aren’t the ones choosing them?”

“Please bring back the group ending shots”

“I’m happy when my bias gets selected but I miss the group endings”

“The ending fairy parts get tiring”

“I’m so tired of them now”

“I get slightly embarrassed when I watch the ending fairies lol”

“You all did it well thus far, now give us back the group shots”

“Please give us group ending shots”

“I love my biases but honestly I want the group ending shots”

“LOL, sometimes they would squeeze in about two or three members in one shot and I don’t even have enough time to look at their facial expressions”

“I feel like the ones who are never selected would be emotionally hurt though, unless they choose them evenly”

“Please, no more ending fairies”

“Just do rock paper scissors”

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