“It’s disappointing to see this” — Netizens Unearth Photos of Kim Sae Ron’s Past Underage Drinking and Partying

Netizens have brought up past photos of actress Kim Sae Ron drinking when she was underage after earlier reports of her ongoing trial for DUI charges.

One netizen created a post titled “Kim Sae Ron drinking and partying with alcohol 10 years ago” on a popular online community forum and included photos showing Kim Sae Ron with a group of people, with alcohol visibly on the table.

Another photo showed Kim Sae Ron having fun, with a beverage suspected to be alcohol on the table by her.

Netizens have commented on the photos, with some expressing disappointment and others questioning Kim Sae Ron‘s behavior.

Some netizens also pointed out that there are child actresses like Kim Yoo Jung who have not had any troubles growing up. Additionally, there is reportedly a current idol in one of the photos with Kim Sae Ron.

One netizen mentioned that the photo was released by a friend she trusted.

“It’s disappointing to see this, especially since she was underage at the time. I hope she learns from her mistakes.”

“I’m not surprised. She seems like she wants to stir up trouble.”

“There are a lot of kids who drink when they’re underage. It’s not that big of a deal.”

“It’s unfortunate that these photos were released, but it’s a good reminder that underage drinking is not okay.”

“I feel bad for her. It must be hard to have your past mistakes brought up like this.”

“I hope she takes responsibility for her actions and learns from this experience.”

“This is a reminder that celebrities are not perfect and make mistakes just like anyone else.”

“It’s sad to see her reputation being tarnished like this.”

“I’m curious about the current idol who was in the photo. I wonder if they will be affected by this as well.”

“It’s important to remember that everyone has a past and has made mistakes. Let’s not be too quick to judge.”

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