“This is so strange”, Former NMIXX member Jinni rumored to sign with “The Black Label”

Rumors began spreading that Jinni is allegedly signing a contract with a “The Black Label“.

Jinni recently terminated her contract with JYP Entertainment and officially withdraw from girl group NMIXX.

On January 4, a post circulating online with the title, “Jinni, who left NMIXX, might join The Black Label, according to rumors“.

Netizens who saw the post quickly responded with comments, such as:

“But she has good skills and pictures, so I think she will join another agency.”

“Her face is the reason why she should be famous instead of a regular person.”

“Why do you write this if it’s wrong…?”

“Why did she leave if she was going to be an idol? This is so strange.”

“There are a lot of rumors going around, but I don’t believe any of them.”

“I wish she could go to The Black Label, but it wasn’t clear what it was about.”

“There are always rumors that female stars and trainees who leave their agencies will join The Black Label.”

“Does it have to do with her face?”

“I do not like ‘The Black Label.‘”

“I don’t believe it, because it’s just a rumor.”

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