The Reason Why Aespa Members Declared They Would Never Shoot “Solo Advertising” That Could Bring In A Lot Of Money.

Aespa boasted a friendship that was thicker than blood.

In MBC FM4U’s ‘Noon’s Hope Song, Kim Shin-young‘, which was broadcast on July 12th, Aespa, who made a comeback with the new song ‘Girls‘, appeared and talked a lot.

On this day, Kim Shin Young started asking questions, saying, “I’ll try the ‘what if’ game that Aespa has fallen in love with these days.”

‘What if Game’ is a popular game among the MZ generation these days. Assuming a difficult but probable situation, it proceeds in such a way that the other party responds.

Kim Shin Young asked the youngest Ningning first, “If an offer for a solo advertisement came in, would you shoot alone or would you give up because of the members?”

Ningning, who heard the question, answered firmly, “Of course, I will give up thinking about the members. We talked about this first.”

Kim Shin Young continued to ask the other members the same question. To this, Karina also replied, “I have to give up.”

Winter and Giselle also surprised everyone by saying that they would keep their loyalty to the members rather than money.

After hearing Aespa’s answer, Kim Shin Young was surprised and laughed when he replied, “If there is a solo advertisement among the Celeb Five members, I will shoot it right away.”

On this day, Aespa also shared her honest thoughts after receiving the guide for the new song ‘Girls‘.

Karina, who is famous for listening to the songs of her seniors in SM Entertainment, said, “To be honest, I thought it was really ‘SM-tic’.”

She said it was difficult to interpret the song, and she confessed that she had a lot of worries, saying, “I heard all the songs of NCT, TVXQ, and SHINee seniors in one song.”

The other members agreed that they had the same thoughts as Karina.

On the other hand, Aespa, which made hits such as ‘Black Mamba’ and ‘Next Level’ in succession, is a representative girl group of the 4th generation of K-pop that is gaining great popularity both at home and abroad.



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