BLACKPINK Rosé Reveals She Rarely Eats At Night To Prevent Facial Swelling… Really

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé revealed that she rarely eats at night in order to keep her slim shape.

On May 20th, a video featuring the interview with Rosé was posted on Elle Korea‘s official YouTube account.

On this particular day, Rosé was asked, “What do you eat and why are you so pretty? I’m curious about Rosé’s specific beauty regimen“.

Thank you for saying I’m pretty“, Rosé responded, after thanking her and explaining that she was prone to swelling.

Rosé is known to enjoy spicy cuisine at night, although she is said to put up with it the day before filming due to swelling.

I try not to eat the day before filming, and if I’m hungry at night, I simply put up with it as much as possible, and I try not to eat anything at all“, Rosé admitted.

She also stated that she becomes bloated when she eats tteokbokki, even while filming, therefore she fills her stomach with salad.

Rosé, who is 168 cm tall and weighs 44 kg, is quite slender, but she demonstrates a professional side that does her best to take care of herself, attracting attention.

Rosé assured fans’ worries by saying, “It’s hard, but instead, as soon as it’s over, I go to eat, and I eat all the hot stuff I want to eat“.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK, to which Rosé belongs, is reported to be planning a comeback.



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