BLACKPINK Korean Textbook, A Fun Way To Learn Korean Is Finally Out

A textbook for learning Korean through conversation with Blackpink has been released.

BLACKPINK IN YOUR KOREAN’, released on March 7, tells the story of a Blackpink fan, the main character, ‘Blinky‘, who is invited to the house of the world-famous star Blackpink and spends time together for a day. This is a story-based Korean textbook package

In this content with storytelling, various words that Blackpink actually uses were used. Expressions from Blackpink’s own original video content were analyzed in corpus units and applied to the curriculum. It is expected that fans will respond enthusiastically as it increases intimacy and vividly learns everyday vocabulary.

This package consists of two textbooks, a pocketbook, a role-play kit, and a Korean keyboard sticker. Based on the dialogue for each chapter, various QR images such as animations, shadowing (read along), and quizzes will be provided to maximize the learning effect.

The textbook is available in two editions: a global edition (English version) and a Chinese edition. To help more overseas learners learn Korean, a total of five language services are supported: Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, and Indonesian. In addition, if you select the language you want using MotiPen, a learning aid, you can immediately listen to the correct pronunciation with the voice of a professional voice actor and learn.

The global edition of ‘BLACKPINK IN YOUR KOREAN’, which is on pre-order from today (7th) to March 14th, is available on the commerce platform Weverse Shop and the K-pop fandom commerce platform KTOWN4U. Chinese editions will be sold separately at KTOWN 4U. BLACKPINK MOTIPEN can be found at Weverse Shop and K-Town 4 You.

Meanwhile, this ‘BLACKPINK IN YOUR KOREAN’ package was created through collaboration between YG Entertainment and HYBE ‘s Edu tech company, HYBE EDU. YG Entertainment and HYBE, which previously announced to strengthen their strategic partnership, are creating positive synergies in various business areas such as platform, distribution, and content through mutual cooperation are paying.


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