Kim Tae Ri Found Out Nam Joo Hyuk’s First Love And Showed A Strange Change Of Expression In “Twenty Five Twenty One”

Kim Tae Ri showed a strange change of expression when she found out about Nam Joo Hyuk‘s past first love.

Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri) knew Baek Yi Jin (Nam Joo Hyuk)’s first love in the past in the 7th episode of tvN‘s Saturday-Sunday drama “Twenty Five Twenty One” (written by Kwon Do Eun/directed by Jung Ji Hyun).

Na Hee Do had a hard time being criticized by the entire nation for allegations of misjudgment raised by Ko Yu Rim (Bona) even after winning the Asian Games gold medal, and Baek Yi Jin was the only one who comforted Na Hee Do in an interview with the referee.

Na Hee Do shed tears when she saw Baek Yi Jin‘s news, and that night, while going to sleep in the school warehouse instead of at home, the security guard locked the door and was trapped and in danger. Na Hee Do called Baek Yi Jin to come to the warehouse, and while roaming around she unexpectedly saw and heard Baek Yi Jin‘s past.

Na Hee Do first found the name “Lee Jin ♥ Dae Eun” written on the desk in the warehouse, and at the same time, she heard Baek Yi Jin and her ex-girlfriend Dae Eun voices confessing their love to each other on Baek Yi Jin‘s high school recording tape. At that moment, Baek Yi Jin opened the warehouse door and heard the voice recording tape and was embarrassed.

Na Hee Do also showed a strange expression on Baek Yi Jin, raising expectations for whether Na Hee Do will have a full-fledged romance, jealous of Baek Yi Jin‘s first love.



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