7 Most Anticipated K-Dramas To Watch This 2022 If You Love Non-Romance Genre

2022 is a fresh start since every year, there will be new sets of K-Dramas to air, casting news and a lot more. Looking for dramas without romance or doesn’t focus on romance? This is the perfect list for you.

Here are the 7 Most Anticipated K-Dramas To Watch This 2022 If You Love Non-Romance Genre

Juvenile Justice

Cast: Kim Hye Soo, Kim Mu Yeol

Plot Synopsis:

As crimes enacted by minors get more brutal and harsh, the culprit usually get away from any serious types of punishment.

Sim Eun Seok, portrayed by Kim Hye Soo is an A-list judge with a personality that seems unfriendly to others. She despises juvenile delinquent. Sim Eun Seok gets assigned to a local juvenile court. There, she breaks observance and apply her own ways of punishing the delinquents.

Reasons to watch:

Kim Hye Soo and Kim MuYeol, two of the biggest superstars in the entertainment industry finally get together in a single project. This is an enough reason why this drama is highly awaited. The truth of the juvenile court is also rejuvenating and a rather fresh field to explore.

Again My Life

Cast: Lee Joon Gi, Kim Ji Eun, Lee Kyung Young

Plot Synopsis:

When Kim Hee Woo was a high school student, his academic grades ranked at the bottom of his school. Through his perseverance, he was able to study in a university and eventually passed the bar exam. He is currently working as an enthusiastic prosecutor. While he looks into the possible corruption linked to a politician named Jo Tae Seob he gets murdered by an anonymous men. But, Kim Hee Woo wakes up and finds himself alive again.

Reasons to watch:

Lee Joon Gi’s much-anticipated comeback to the small screen doing a revenge drama is everything fans could have asked for and more. Since the story is adapted from a webtoon of the same name, it will be fascinating to watch how the characters will be brought to life.

All Of Us Are Dead

Cast: Yoon Chan Young, Park Ji Hoo, Cho Yi Hyun, Lo Mon, Yoo In Soo

Plot Synopsis:

A group of high school students were get stuck at Hyosan High School during a zombie virus outbreak. The students desperately make an effort to avoid becoming zombies and ran away from their school.

Reasons to watch:

It is the first Korean zombie thriller to hit 2022, “All Of Us Are Dead” is a exceptionally famous webtoon, which of course increase expectations for the live-action adaptation. Since it is a Netflix original, it will be grand, the definite reason why we should watch the drama.


Cast: SF9’s Rowoon, Kim Hee Sun, Yoon Ji On, and Lee Soo Hyuk. 

Plot Synopsis:

Choi Joon Woong finds a job, but it is difficult for him to get hired. Except for that, he is like a perfect guy. He graduated from a reputable university and he has rich parents. One night, he unexpectedly encounter angels of death Gu Ryeon and Im Ryoog Gu. The two death angels belong to a crisis management team. Gu Ryeon is the leader and Im Ryoog Gu is a member. Their mission is to rescue suicidal people. Soon, Choi Joon Woong becomes a new member of the crisis management team

Reasons to watch:

It has a unique story line with a touch of fantasy, slice of life, mystery and thriller. “Tomorrow” is the perfect combination of all things we fond about K-Dramas. The star-studded cast is also highly anticipated for.


Cast: Kim Nam Gil, Lee Da Hee, ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo, and Sung Joon


The setting is on Jeju Island, three people fight against evil that is trying to destruct the world.

Reasons to watch: This drama boasts of an A-list cast of actors who are well-known for their outstanding acting skills and versatility. The fantasy plotline and influences borrowed from Korean folktales will be captivating for international viewers as well.

Money Heist

Cast: Yoo Ji Tae, Jeon Jong Seo, Park Hae Soo

Plot Synopsis: A mysterious man called “The Professor” recruits a group of 8 people to conduct an aspiring heist. 

Reasons to watch:

The Korean adaptation of the hugely popular Spanish crime drama of the same name is much awaited among K-Drama fans. The gripping storyline and well-known cast is definitely enough why we should await this drama

Through The Darkness

Cast: Kim Nam Gil, Jin Seon Kyu, Ryeo Un, Kim So Jin

Plot Synopsis:

A story about the criminal profilers who has difficulty to read the minds of serial murderers.

Song Ha Young is a criminal profiler. He is calm and has charm. He digs up cases and looks deeply into the human mind.

Reasons to watch:

It is based on a web-novel which in turn is based on truth, “Through The Darkness” is expected to be a captivating story that will keep you attached from beginning to end.

Which of these K-Dramas do you anticipate the most?


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