Shin Hye Sun Reveals Her Secret For Maintaining Her Sexy Body

Shin Hye Sun looks carries a cute image that you might think that she is small but this 32 year old actress is 172cm tall. She is more taller than we expected. A lot of people were surprised to know her height.

Shin Hye Sun said in an interview that she has a weight of 49 kg and disclosed the secret on maintaining her sexy body which is to eat one meal per day. Moreover, she said that she doesn’t consider doing exercise to maintain her figure as she thinks that it is possible that she would follow her height and physique if she exercise. As a result, the actress decided to eat one meal per day.

Her diet method was to spend 13 to 15 hours a day without eating anything but this excludes sleeping time. Recently, she is doing exercises little by little just to maintain her health.

Shin Hye Sun, who started in the entertainment industry by taking small roles is now showcasing excellent acting performance as good as playing lead roles.

The actress recently guested in Coupang Play’s ‘SNL Korea Reboot Season 2‘, and gave outstanding never seen before performance. The video of the said guesting now reached over 4.7 million views and counting.

Shin Hye Sun is upfront of the release of the movie ‘She Died‘. Currently, she is busy filming ‘Brave Citizen‘ after being done filming the movie ‘Open the Door‘.


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