Kim Seon Ho Removed from Two Upcoming Films And Steps Down from ‘2 Days & 1 Night’

Actor Kim Seon Ho is leaving the KBS 2TV entertainment program ‘2 Days & 1 Night Season 4 ‘.

On October 20, an official from ‘2 Days & 1 Night Season 4 ‘ said, “We have decided on the withdrawal of Kim Seon Ho, who was recently involved in a controversy. We plan to minimize the inconvenience felt by the viewers by editing him out of the already filmed footage”

Kim Seon Ho, who stayed silent on the scandal that broke out this past weekend, finally issued a statement of apology earlier today. As the actor publicly acknowledged and apologized for what he had done, his upcoming projects were put on alert.

Originally, Kim planned to make his big-screen debut with director Park Hoon Jung’s Sad Tropics. Afterwards, he was confirmed to star in two other movies, the omnibus movie Dog Days and rom-com 2 O’Clock Date with YoonA.

However, with the recent scandal, his appearance in all three movies has become unclear. According to Starnews, Kim has not yet signed contracts for all three films.

First, Sad Tropic was supposed to start filming in November. Hence, the crew will hold a final meeting soon to decide whether to replace Kim or to continue filming with him. Dog Days and 2 O’Clock Date are scheduled to officially begin filming in December and March next year, respectively. These two movies have already decided to replace their leading actor.

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