tvN drama ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’ Starring Shin Min Ah and Kim Seon Ho Breaks Own Viewership Record With Episode 3

The 3rd episode of tvN’s weekend drama ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha‘ (directed by Yoo Je-won, written by Shin Ha-eun), aired on the afternoon of September 4, recorded a national average of 8.7% and a maximum of 10.2%, breaking its own highest ratings. This is a 2% increase compared to the second episode. (Based on a paid platform that integrates cable, IPTV, and satellite / provided by Nielsen Korea)

The broadcast on this day was warmly greeted with the appearance of the villagers of Gongjin, who live peaceful lives in their respective places. Hye-jin met Doo-shik, who became a delivery driver, for the first time since the last surprise hug at Gaetbawi. Doo-sik murmured at Hye-jin, who was standing blankly, as he recalled that memory and held out the delivery box. Soon, the two of them quarreled with each other, but there was still no change, but in a relationship that was more hesitant than before, subtle emotional changes were felt, making them fall into the drama at once. Hyejin, who had to go to Seoul for a schoolmate’s wedding, ordered a lot of clothes just like a soldier going to the battlefield choosing a weapon. The scene in which Dooshik, who was tired of the many parcels, finally sang “Mr. Yoon Hyejin” with a melody, and Hyejin, who constantly changes clothes while unboxing, gave a burst of laughter. After hearing the news that Hye-jin is going to Seoul, Doo-sik’s eyes, who had a meaningful expression on their faces, hinted at the turbulent city of Seoul that was to come, further enhancing immersion.

Finally going to Seoul. After making all the preparations, Hye-jin went out the front door and met Doo-sik, who was standing in front of the house, head-on. For a while, I was surprised at how well decorated each other was, and the three grandmothers had to go to Seoul together. After many twists and turns, Hye-jin, who arrived in Seoul and attended the wedding, was reunited with Doo-sik, who came to retrieve the cell phone she had left in the car. The motive of taking a picture of the two together was posted on a group chat room, and Hyejin was surprised to see this. When the classmates who misunderstood Doo-shik as a boyfriend complimented him for being handsome, Hye-jin’s cute pretense saying that he was chasing after him even though he wasn’t interested made people laugh.

Meanwhile, Doo-sik visited Hye-jin’s dentist with his grandmother Gam-ri (Kim Young-ok), who couldn’t even eat properly because of a toothache. Hearing that she need to get an implant, Gam-ri asked for the cost of the treatment first, and was surprised by the amount and gave up on the treatment saying that she would pull out all the painful teeth. Hye-jin, who calmly talks about the memories of her mother who was sick as a child, and Du-sik, who wants to somehow comfort her grandmother and receive treatment, collided once again. After that, Hye-jin continued to care about the story of the supervisor, which she had heard through Doo-sik. In the end, Hyejin, who went to the supervisor’s house, said, “He said that he likes squid the most. I just want to let him eat it.”

Later, as an emergency occurred for Hye-jin, the relationship between the two developed further. When there was a power outage while washing her hair at home, it was none other than Dusik who came to Hyejin’s house. Doo-sik agrees to stay with Hye-jin, who must be alone until the light comes back on. There was a strange tension between the two people who lighted the candle they brought and shared the ice cream, which doubled the romantic atmosphere. In particular, the image of Doo-sik expressing sorry to Hye-jin, saying, “I spoke too harshly because I didn’t know you well” intersects with Hye-jin visiting Gaetbawi in the last broadcast to apologize.

In the ending scene, it was announced that the romance between the two had begun in earnest. Doo-sik, who was watching the ice cream fall on Hye-jin’s hand, handed him a tissue, and when his hand brushed against him, he felt a trembling heartbeat in Hye-jin’s nervous eyes. Not only this. Hye-jin, who saw Doo-shik’s text asking him to check the toad’s house, was delighted to see a pair of shoes that had been lost in it. The images of Hye-jin, excited to try on the shoes, and Doo-sik, happy to see them, made the viewers’ hearts tremble. In particular, it had a special meaning in that the shoes were the medium that made the first meeting of the two people. Here, in the epilogue, which always appeared at the end and left a deep impression, Doo-sik, who found Hye-jin’s shoes while fishing, watched a video at home and carefully dried the shoes by hand, which gently conveys his thoughts about Hye-jin. It made it even more exciting. To Hye-jin, Doo-sik was expressed as “It’s too strange” and “It’s a very strange lifestyle.” And Hyejin, who was always called “Hey Dental” instead of her name. It raises the anticipation of how these two will change for each other.

Meanwhile, the 4th episode of ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha‘ will be broadcast on the September 5 at 9pm.



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