NewJeans’ “How Sweet” and “Bubble Gum” soar to the top of the Melon TOP 100 chart in an instant

In the fiercely competitive K-pop music market, where artists vie for attention, climbing to the top of the music charts is no small feat. However, NewJeans has achieved just that with their latest releases, “How Sweet” and “Bubble Gum.”

On May 24, both tracks entered the Melon Top 100, with “How Sweet” securing the impressive #7 spot and “Bubble Gum” following closely at #14.

Despite the ongoing feud between their label ADOR and parent company HYBE, NewJeans continues to demonstrate their popularity and recognition by reaching the upper echelons of the Melon Chart.

Korean netizens have showered NewJeans with support and praise in online communities, commenting:

“The song is so good. I discover new things to love about it with each listen.”

“This is mind-blowing.”

“Perfect timing for releasing the song.”

“Their performance is outstanding.”

“Wow, fighting!”

NewJeans, keep up the great work!”

“The songs are fantastic.”

“The girls nailed their performance.”

“The debut ranking is impressive.”

“I predict they’ll hit number 1 soon.”

“Let’s go, NewJeans!”

Congratulations to NewJeans on their chart-topping success! 🎶🔥



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