Ahn Bo Hyun Shares Heartfelt Insights on Fan Meeting Tour and Acting Passion — “I’m Living My Dream”

Prior to his highly anticipated ‘Hello’ fan meeting in Manila, versatile actor Ahn Bo Hyun sat down with the press to discuss his illustrious career.

Known for his roles in hit dramas like “Military Prosecutor Doberman,” “Yumi’s Cell,” “My Name,“Itaewon Class,” “See You in My 19th Life,” and “Flex X Cop,” Ahn Bo Hyun shared insights into his long-term journey in the entertainment industry.

When asked about the scorching summer heat in the Philippines, he humorously replied, “Whenever summer arrives, we yearn for winter. But when winter comes, we crave the warmth of summer. Personally, I enjoy beach trips, so I lean towards summer.”

The host also inquired about Filipino cuisine. Ahn Bo Hyun revealed his preference for diverse flavors, saying, “I’ve discovered some similarities between Filipino and Korean foods during my hotel breakfast. While I haven’t tried everything, the flavors I experienced were absolutely delightful.”

Reflecting on his fan meeting experience, Ahn Bo Hyun expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support from Filipino fans. “Seeing them in person is truly heartwarming. Rather than a mere trip, this fan meeting feels like a special connection with my supporters,” he shared. “Many of my friends have visited the Philippines and fallen in love with this beautiful country.”

During the interview, Ahn Bo Hyun discussed his growth as an actor. “I’m still evolving. When I take on a role, I don’t assume I’m already good at it. Instead, I embrace the challenge and strive to improve with each project. My age allows me to understand emotions deeply, which enhances my portrayal of characters.”

He emphasized the importance of maintaining an unwavering mindset. “Never giving up is my initial mindset. Challenges lead to opportunities, and persistence pays off. I wear this ‘initial mindset’ necklace as a reminder,” he revealed, touching the engraved pendant.

The Manila stop, scheduled for the 25th at the New Frontier Theater, marks the sixth city on Ahn Bo Hyun’s fan meeting tour. Following successful events in Seoul, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo, and Taipei, he eagerly awaits connecting with fans in the Philippines.

In a heartfelt conclusion, Ahn Bo Hyun invited fans to attend the fan meeting. “This moment feels surreal. Communicating with fans and journalists face-to-face is a privilege. Join us tomorrow!” he exclaimed.

Ahn Bo Hyun’s inaugural fan meeting in Manila is proudly presented by Wilbros Live and IAM Worldwide.



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