“It’s sad!” — Fans Express Concern as fromis_9 Member Shares Desire to Promote Again

Recent statements from fromis_9 member Lee Chae Young have sparked concern among fans, highlighting ongoing worries about the group’s limited promotional activities.

On May 7, Lee Chae Young took to Weverse to share her concerns, reigniting discussions among fans regarding fromis_9‘s hiatus from the spotlight.

Many fans have expressed disappointment with the group’s management agency, Pledis Entertainment, which is under the umbrella of HYBE, feeling that the agency has not adequately supported the group’s promotional efforts.

During a live voice broadcast, Lee Chae Young expressed her frustration, saying, “Why…aren’t we allowed to… promote like this? Only fromis_9…? I’m so sad… I have Flover! (fromis_9’s fandom name)… I have fans too..!! I’m so sad… I never voiced this before…”

Following Lee Chae Young‘s candid remarks, fans took to online communities to voice their discontent with Pledis Entertainment’s handling of fromis_9. Some comments included:

Even when their album sales and popularity are high, they should be more active. It’s disheartening to see them inactive for 11 months.”

Pledis, being the agency for SEVENTEEN, should have the resources to promote their artists. Even fromis_9 has a considerable fanbase.”

This is not the first time Pledis has neglected their artists.”

“It seems like HYBE’s pattern is to launch a group as an experiment and then put them on the backburner.”

With their contract renewal approaching, they might not prioritize group promotions.”

It’s heartbreaking to see the members being affected by this.”

At the very least, the agency should allow solo promotions for the members.”

Pledis has a history of sidelining their artists. It’s disappointing to see the same happening to fromis_9.”

Lee Chae Young’s sadness is palpable, and it’s upsetting to hear.”

The emotional tone of Lee Chae Young‘s message has resonated deeply with fans, further underscoring the need for transparent communication between artists and their management agencies.

As fans continue to rally behind fromis_9, they hope for positive changes that will allow the group to shine brightly once again.



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