“Wait, They Share What?!” — P1Harmony Intak and Keeho Shocks Everyone After Confessing They Borrow Underwears

K-pop fans, brace yourselves for some juicy gossip! P1Harmony’s Keeho, Intak, and Jiung recently made an appearance on Episode 5 of the mukbang food talk show XYOB, hosted by g.o.d’s Joon Park and Fly to the Sky’s Brian Joo.

The P1Harmony boys were in for a wild ride as it was their first time drinking on a show. The hosts’ larger-than-life personalities, coupled with the alcohol, made for a fun and chaotic experience.

In a surprising turn of events, Brian casually asked the P1Harmony members if they shared underwear.

Intak and Keeho looked like deer caught in headlights. They asked him how he knew, to which Brian explained that he was just curious since Joon and his members did the same.

Jiung, known as the cleanest member, quickly distanced himself, seemingly embarrassed by his members’ underwear-sharing habit.

Brian, too, couldn’t wrap his head around why anyone would share underwear. So, Keeho and Intak explained that sometimes it was necessary depending on their outfits, as some underwear can be visible.

Keeho shared, “Like today, sometimes, I’m wearing white pants, right? And if you wear black underwear, you can see it, right? But sometimes we’re not prepped for that.”

Brian chimed in, “You didn’t wash the white underwear, but he did.” Keeho agreed, “Yeah, yeah.”

This led Joon to ask what underwear they were wearing that day. Intak replied black Calvin Klein, and Keeho said gray Armani.

While the young idols sported name brands, Brian and Joon stole the show with their panda and pepper-printed underwear, respectively, sending P1Harmony into fits of laughter. Keeho even exclaimed, “Is this allowed?!”



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