BLACKPINK’s “Coachella Legacy” Revisited After LE SSERAFIM’s Performance Draws Mixed Reactions

LE SSERAFIM‘s Coachella‘s first performance draws mixed reactions from netizens.

On the afternoon of April 14, LE SSERAFIM, the girl group from HYBE, made their Coachella debut. The performance quickly became a hot topic on social media, but the reactions were mixed.

As the second K-pop girl group to perform at the world’s largest music festival after BLACKPINK, LE SSERAFIM‘s inconsistent live singing left fans feeling let down.

LE SSERAFIM‘s 50-minute set included 11 songs, such as fan favorites like Antifragile, Unforgiven, Easy, Fearless, and others. The group impressed with their visually stunning stage, energetic choreography, and lively band arrangements. However, their vocal performance was less than stellar.

Kim Chaewon carried most of the singing parts throughout the performance, while main vocalist Huh Yunjin‘s performance was uneven.

The youngest member, Eunchae, was criticized for her off-key and shrill live vocals. Despite their efforts to sing live and their well-prepared stage, LE SSERAFIM faced a wave of criticism due to their vocal shortcomings.

LE SSERAFIM isn’t the first 4th generation girl group to stir controversy at Coachella. In 2022, aespa also performed at the festival.

Their performance was deemed lackluster as they focused too much on singing and their choreography lacked energy and appeal. The crowd’s response was also tepid, reflecting aespa‘s yet-to-bloom international popularity.

In the midst of the debate surrounding LE SSERAFIM, BLACKPINK‘s past Coachella performances have resurfaced, reminding everyone of their global appeal.

BLACKPINK‘s performances at Coachella in 2019 and their headlining act in 2023 are considered legendary.

BLACKPINK‘s exceptional stage skills were on full display during their first Coachella performance. Memorable moments like Jennie‘s emotional rap, Rosé‘s hair-flipping fairy, and Lisa‘s unshakeable bangs are trending again.

Fans have been revisiting these performances as a palate cleanser after watching LE SSERAFIM‘s live singing.

BLACKPINK‘s 2023 Coachella performances were widely shared and celebrated. Their call to the crowd, “Coachella, are you ready for tonight? Let me hear you f**king scream,” went viral. Their remix of Typa Girl and Shut Down, a fusion of symphony and modern Hip-hop, also made waves.

By 2023, BLACKPINK had fully matured as performers. Their two-night headlining act at Coachella, coupled with their successful World Tour Born Pink, marked a new chapter in their career.

They solidified their status with millions of people watching their Coachella performances both in-person and via livestream.

No junior group has been able to match BLACKPINK‘s impact at Coachella. Over two seasons, BLACKPINK left a lasting impression with record-breaking audience numbers, thanks to their electrifying performances.

Their meticulously planned stages, vibrant music, and status as the world’s top girl group have become unforgettable memories for K-pop fans and BLINKs alike.



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