(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua says she dreams of having a “pet business” if ever she gets exhausted from the industry

(G)I-DLE‘s Shuhua has recently been in the spotlight for opening up about her struggles during her health-related hiatus.

On February 17th, a video was uploaded on Kang Hyung Wook‘s YouTube channel ‘Bodeum TV‘, titled ‘The First Partnership Proposed by Hyung Wook to (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua‘.

In the video, Shuhua made an appearance with her two dogs, Haku and Mata. When asked about her spending habits, particularly on her dogs, Shuhua shared, “I don’t usually spend a lot. So, I dedicate most of my earnings to my dogs – food, treats, clothes, and more. The automatic ball thrower was the best purchase.”

She also humorously asked Kang Hyung Wook for a recommendation on an automatic shoe painting machine, to which he responded, “Shoe painting seems quite challenging,” causing a round of laughter.

Kang Hyung Wook, after conversing with Shuhua, noted, “Listening to Shuhua, it feels like she’s someone who has been raising dogs for a long time. She doesn’t just care for her dogs, but also knows when to be firm. This is a trait of long-time dog owners. Are you planning to venture into this field?”

To this, Shuhua replied, “Yes, if I ever get too exhausted from the entertainment industry, I have a dream of running a pet business. When I open a pet kindergarten, I hope you’ll visit often.”

Furthermore, when Kang Hyung Wook inquired about the difficulty of preparing for their upcoming album, Shuhua candidly admitted, “It’s very challenging. We have daily schedules and we continue to practice even after guest appearances. Our title song ‘Super Lady’ is powerful, confident, and cool, just as the title suggests.”

She expressed her hopes for the song to be well-received and for people to continue listening even after the promotions end, adding, “All of our members worked hard and we are grateful to Neverland.”

(G)I-DLE, which Shuhua is a part of, released their regular album ‘2’ last month and started their promotions with ‘Super Lady’.

However, on February 8th, Cube Entertainment announced Shuhua‘s temporary hiatus due to health concerns, stating, “She recently visited the hospital for persistent dizziness and was advised by medical staff to take ample rest and stabilize.” This announcement has led to an outpouring of support from fans wishing for her speedy recovery.



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