“He should show more respect” — Netizens Call Out T.O.P For Allegedly Blocking G-Dragon On Instagram

Internet users have discovered that T.O.P has taken the action of blocking G-Dragon on Instagram.

In February of the previous year, T.O.P concluded his contract with YG Entertainment, and the company assured that he would continue to be involved in Big Bang’s activities and promotions.

However, in May of this year, T.O.P personally informed a fan that he had decided to step away from the group.

On the popular online community platform Instiz, a netizen pointed out that T.O.P appears to have severed ties with his former BIGBANG members, going so far as to block G-Dragon on Instagram.

Furthermore, there are allegations that G-Dragon has deleted all posts related to T.O.P from his account.

Netizens commented:

“T.O.P’s actions are definitely questionable.”

“First, he leaves the group, and now he blocks his own groupmate. What’s going on?”

“T.O.P should show more respect, especially to someone he used to work with closely.”

“While we can’t fully understand T.O.P’s reasoning, it still seems harsh to cut off all communication.”

“Interesting observation about the likes disappearing. It’s a clear sign of blocking on Instagram.”

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