“I think it’s just a coincidence” — aespa’s Karina Causes Stir with “Got Seven” Dress During “Spicy” Music Show Performance

K-Pop girl group aespa has been making waves in the music scene with their latest comeback song “Spicy.” The group has been promoting on various music shows, and while their performances have been impressive, their outfits have received mixed reactions from fans.

Many fans have expressed their disappointment with the styling choices made for the group’s recent music show appearances. However, one of Karina’s latest outfits has caught the attention of K-Pop fans for a completely different reason.

During the group’s performance on Show! MusicCore, Karina wore a sporty red mini dress that featured English writing on the front. Upon closer inspection, fans realized that the writing on her dress read “got seven!

This immediately caught the attention of fans of the K-Pop boy group GOT7. Fans couldn’t help but speculate if Karina was a fan of GOT7 or if it was just a coincidence. Some fans even went as far as to joke that she is now confirmed to be an Ahgase (also known as iGOT7, GOT7’s fans).

Netizens quickly took to social media to share their thoughts on Karina’s outfit and its hidden meaning.

Here are some of the comments:

“Karina really knows how to make us wonder. I’m a fan of both aespa and GOT7, so this is just making me even more excited!”

“I think it’s just a coincidence, but it’s still cool to see her showing love for other K-Pop groups.”

“I’m not a fan of GOT7, but Karina’s outfit is so cute! I want one too!”

“I love that K-Pop fans are always so observant. We notice everything!”

“Karina can pull off any outfit, and this one is no exception. She looks amazing!”

“I’m an Ahgase, and I’m convinced that Karina is secretly a GOT7 fan now. She has good taste!”

“I think it’s great that K-Pop artists are supporting each other. It’s all about spreading love and positivity.”

“Even if it’s just a coincidence, it’s still fun to speculate. Who knows, maybe Karina will become an Ahgase in the future!”

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