The Reason Why Music Bank’s Explanation Has Raised Controversy Over Lim Young Woong’s Alleged Score Manipulation

Controversy continues over KBS2‘s “Music Bank” tallying singer Lim Young Woong‘s broadcast score of zero.

On May 19th, KBS announced that as controversy continued over the standard of counting the number of broadcasts of KBS2‘s “Music Bank“, the radio sector was counting seven programs of KBS Cool FM.

In addition, KBS2‘s “Music Bank“, which aired on May 13th, had a ranking period from the 2nd to the 8th, and Lim Young Woong’s new song “Can We Meet Again” was not broadcast on KBS TV, radio, and digital content, which were counted during the period.

But fans are still suspicious.

They could not give up their doubts about the score manipulation, saying that the KBS radio selection list continues to change.

In fact, it was confirmed that there was “Can We Meet Again” on the playlist of KBS Cool FM’s “Exciting Night” on 4th at around 11 p.m. on May 18th.

However, at the dawn of May 19th, Lim Young Woong‘s new song suddenly disappeared from the selection table, and later reappeared.

In addition, the same phenomenon was found in selections such as KBS 2RadioWith Kim Hye Young” and KBS 2RadioLim Baek Cheon’s Back Music“.

Lim Young Woong‘s fans who confirmed this continue to object to KBS, but KBS has yet to clarify its position.

Meanwhile, while Lim Young Woong and girl group LE SSERAFIM were nominated for the first place on KBS2’s “Music Bank“, which aired on the 13th, Lim Young Woong‘s broadcast score was counted as zero, and LE SSERAFIM won the final first place.

When Lim Young Woong, the “King of Trot“, who sold more than 1.1 million albums, failed to win the top spot on KBS2’s “Music Bank“, many people are expressing doubts, and suspicions are still lingering.



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