Loossemble’s Yeojin Sparks Speculation as Potential Ambassador for Soonsoo Beauty

Loossemble’s Yeojin recently stirred up speculation among K-Netizens with an Instagram post featuring the Soonsoo building, a location she has been spotted at before.

This time, however, fans noticed that Soonsoo is not just a location, but also a company. This has led to speculation that Yeojin may be a future ambassador for them.

While some fans have mentioned that Soonsoo are their makeup artists, the company’s website reveals that it is also a business corporation.

Many supporters are now hoping that Yeojin could be the ambassador for the company, as she perfectly fits the Soonsoo style. The beauty brand is known for selling Korean skincare and makeup products.

K-Netizens have been vocal about their speculations under Yeojin’s post:

“Of course she’s the ambassador, why else would she pose in front of a business’ building?”

“Fingers crossed”

Soonsoo‘s first ambassador: Im Yeojin

“The brand behind you! Have you become an ambassador?”

“You took an amount of pretty pictures at Soonsoo Beauty”

“An ambassador of Soonsoo is beautiful.”

As the speculation continues, fans are eagerly awaiting an official announcement. If the rumors are true, this could mark a significant milestone in Yeojin‘s career and a promising partnership for Soonsoo.



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