Behind the Scenes — Why “Lovely Runner” Took Three Years to Make

The hit tvN drama ‘Lovely Runner‘ has been winning hearts and breaking records, achieving its highest viewership yet.

Adding to the drama’s success, the band Eclipse, featured in the drama, has seen a surge in popularity.

Their song “Sudden Shower” even made it into the Melon Top 100, a feat that even popular singers find challenging to achieve.

However, ‘Lovely Runner‘ wasn’t initially anticipated to be a major hit in the Korean content market. Surprisingly, it took a solid three years to produce.

Many male actors turned down offers to appear in the drama, presuming it was a story about unrequited love for a K-pop fan.

The casting for the lead role faced difficulties until Byun Woo Seok finally decided to join the cast for production.

One netizen explained, “The writer always had Kim Hye Yoon in mind when writing the script. She said it had to be Kim Hye Yoon no matter what. The male actors all turned down the role but then Byun Woo Seok accepted the role. He was cast after the director saw ’20th Century Girl’.”

Korean netizens have been vocal about their thoughts on the casting and the drama:

“The casting is so crazy.”

“This drama is so fun.”

“This was really meant to be.”

“The casting was perfect.”

“I’m so happy that Byun Woo Seok is Sun Jae and Kim Hye Yoon is Sol.”

“I love their acting.”

“Thank you Byun Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon for agreeing to do this drama.”

“Wow, it took so long to get it into production.”

“The male character is so good, I don’t know why they turned down the role.”

“I love them both.”

As ‘Lovely Runner‘ continues to captivate audiences, fans are eagerly awaiting more episodes and are sending their love and support to the cast and crew.



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