Bulgarian Singers Accused of Copying (G)I-DLE’s Concept

K-pop fans, we’ve got some tea to spill! Bulgarian artists Yanitsa and Bilyanish are under fire from netizens for allegedly plagiarizing a concept from (G)I-DLE’s “Super Lady” in their new music video for “Sipvay.”

In “Super Lady,” Yuqi rocks a Cruella de Vil-inspired look, complete with a black and white fur coat and matching outfit.

The music video set is a visual treat with a white background dotted with black polka dots, white columns lining the walkway, and a black carpet for Yuqi to strut her stuff.

Fast forward to Yanitsa and Bilyanish’s music video, and it’s déjà vu! The singers are seen on a set strikingly similar to Yuqi’s scene.

Yanitsa even sports a look that’s eerily similar to Yuqi’s Cruella-inspired ensemble.

But the similarities don’t end there. Yuqi is seen walking a dalmatian on a leash, adding to the Cruella de Vil vibe and complementing the black and white set. Guess what? Yanitsa is seen doing the same!

When you compare the still shots of the two music videos, the resemblance is uncanny. From the backdrop to the columns and carpet, and even the artists’ fashion, it’s hard to ignore the similarities.

The Twitterverse is buzzing with side-by-side comparisons of the two music videos. However, there’s been radio silence from the singers and their agencies so far.



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