Netizens react in awe to ITZY’s impressive live vocals and unmatched energy at University Festivals

Even though ITZY made their debut in 2019 under JYP Entertainment, a lot of people still don’t seem to know about how talented they are. These girls can dance and sing live and have the best stage presence of anyone.

ITZY recently appeared at University Festivals, where their amazing stage presence wowed the crowd. After videos of their performance were posted on social media, many people went to online forums to praise the group for singing live.

On October 2, a post about ITZY began trending on TheQoo‘s community board under the title, “ITZY’S University Festivals appearance are the talk of the town“.

The netizen then listed the following reasons along with photos ang gifs:

Look at how good they are at dancing while singing live!

They did all 5 songs live. People are responding to them by saying that they’re really sincere about their lives.

“Dalla Dalla dance break with live”

“No but seriously our ITZY are too good..”
“These kids really.. They’re doing it live, so how are they still breathing? I can’t even imagine how much better they’ll be after their tour is over.”

They said that because of the pandemic, this was their first college festival, and they looked so happy.

“All of you who are 20 like me, make some noise!”

The netizen also shared some photos of ITZY from different universities where they performed.

Kyunghee University

Dongguk University 

JoongAng University 

Netizens could also see how talented these girls were and gave them praise for how they kept getting better and better, such as:

ITZY are really all so good, and Yuna is just too cute.

ITZY are so good.. Yeji was daebak when she bent her waist during Dalla Dalla and did live moves at the same time. How is she able to breathe? Loco really did look like a lot of fun. I hope they will be able to do Loco at Hanyang.

This is a live performance at a college festival… Wow, ITZY‘s dancing is really intense, and they’re such nice people.

ITZY are impressive and they’re too good. I’m going to look for all of their lives.

In all honesty, this is crazy. Really, they are so good.

I became interested in them when I saw IU perform. They’re really good.

Singers should be like this… They pay a lot of money to have these people at university festivals, and you’re just going to lip sync? That’s really not good…

Their dances are very intense. And they’re doing it liveㄷㄷ.

They are dancing so hard that they might break their bodies… They’re seriously so likable.

If you haven’t already, watch their full shows below.

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