“Project Silence” Ju Ji Hoon Drops a Weird Opinion: “Dog Rights Are Better Than Actors’ Rights These Days”, Here’s Why

Actor Ju Ji Hoon talked about working with the ‘veteran acting dog’ Finna in his new movie ‘Escape.’

On the 10th, Ju Ji Hoon had an interview with Star News at a café in Seoul. He shared stories about his upcoming movie ‘Project Silence‘ (shortened to ‘Escape’), which releases on the 12th.

Project Silence‘ is a disaster film about people trying to survive after a big accident in the fog and the release of military experimental dogs on a collapsing airport bridge. The film was shown at the Midnight Screening section of the 76th Cannes Film Festival last year.

Ju Ji Hoon plays Jo Park, a tow truck driver with big dreams. He shows a new side of himself in this role. His character has a special bond with his dog, Jody (played by Finna), bringing a lot of energy to the film. Jody is like family to Jo Park, and they face many challenges together. Finna, the dog who plays Jody, is known for roles in ‘My Puppy,’ the Netflix series ‘Mask Girl,’ and the drama ‘A Good Day to Be a Dog.’

When asked about working with Finna, Ju Ji Hoon said, “The dog training system these days is really advanced. Dog rights have become so good that, honestly, they are better than actors’. Their working hours are very short and strictly regulated,” he said, making everyone laugh.

He added, “They even made a doll that looks exactly like Jody, so most of the scenes are actually with the doll. (Dog) welfare has greatly improved,” he said with a smile.



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