P.O Talks About His First Project After Marine Corps Discharge: “I Wanted to Grow My Hair Quickly”

Actor P.O is back with his first project, ‘Good Partner,’ after finishing his service in the Marine Corps.

On the 10th, SBS held a production presentation for the Friday-Saturday drama ‘Good Partner‘ in Seoul. Director Kim Garam, Jang Nara, Nam Ji-hyun, Kim Joon-han, and Pyo Jihoon (also known as P.O) attended the event.

P.O shared his thoughts on divorce, a key theme in ‘Good Partner.’ He said, “I didn’t know much about divorce. I used to think it was something that shouldn’t happen. But while filming, I learned that our drama doesn’t encourage divorce; instead, it shows that it’s a necessary system for those who need it.”

Talking about his first drama after his discharge, P.O said, “When I first heard about ‘Good Partner’ after my discharge, my hair was very short. I thought I needed to grow it quickly. The script was so interesting, and I felt like ‘Good Partner’ chose me, so I worked hard on the filming.”

‘Good Partner’ is a drama about the dynamics in a legal office, focusing on divorce cases. The story features Cha Eun-kyung (played by Jang Nara), a star lawyer for whom divorce is a calling, and Han Yoori (played by Nam Ji Hyun), a rookie lawyer experiencing divorce cases for the first time. It shows the realistic lives of people going through divorce.

Jang Nara plays Cha Eun-kyung, a sharp and efficient veteran lawyer. Nam Ji Hyun plays Han Yoori, a passionate rookie lawyer who can’t stand injustice. Kim Joon Han is Jung Woo-jin, Cha Eun-kyung’s reliable junior and partner lawyer. P.O plays Jeon Eun-ho, an optimistic lawyer who believes in balancing work and love.

‘Good Partner‘ will air its first episode at 10 PM on the 12th, following ‘Connection.’



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