Ju Ji Hoon Talks About Working with Late Lee Sun Kyun in ‘Project Silence’: “We Used To Spoke Every Day”

Actor Ju Ji Hoon fondly recalled his experience collaborating with the late Lee Sun Kyun in his upcoming film ‘Project Silence‘.

In an interview with Star News at a café in Seoul’s Sogeok-dong on July 10th, Ju Ji Hoon shared stories ahead of the release of ‘Project Silence‘ on the 12th.

Project Silence‘ is a disaster film that premiered at the Midnight Screening of the 76th Cannes International Film Festival. It portrays people fighting to survive a crisis involving military experimental dogs on an airport bridge shrouded in fog-related collisions.

In the film, Ju Ji Hoon plays Lekka, a daring adventurer aiming for a big win in life. Despite it being their first project together, Ju Ji Hoon and Lee Sun Kyun, who passed away last December, delivered a memorable performance. Lee Sun Kyun portrayed Cha Jeong-won, an administrative officer at the National Security Office.

Reflecting on the film and working with Lee Sun Kyun, Ju Ji Hoon shared, “Every moment on set was precious to me. Lee Sun Kyun was not only a respected colleague and senior actor but also a friend. We shared similar habits, like enjoying a drink after shoots. Despite the challenges of filming, we talked every day, discussing our work and the future.”

Comparing their acting styles, Ju Ji Hoon noted, “(Lee) Sun-kyun hyung was meticulous and detail-oriented, whereas I sometimes lean towards a more flexible approach. Observing his dedication to coherence was enlightening for me as an actor.”

Project Silence‘ marks a poignant final performance for Lee Sun-kyun, leaving a lasting impression on both Ju Ji-hoon and audiences alike.



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