“Good Partner” Nam Ji Hyun made a Shocking Revelation: ” I Clashed a Lot with Jang Nara at First But…”

Actors Jang Nara and Nam Ji Hyun share their experiences working together in the legal drama ‘Good Partner.’

On the 10th, the production presentation for SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘Good Partner‘ took place at SBS in Seoul. Director Kim Garam, along with Jang Nara, Nam Ji Hyun, Kim Joon Han, and Pyo Jihoon (P.O), attended the event.

Nam Ji Hyun shared her thoughts, saying, “Filming was a lot of fun for me. Eun-kyung is a seasoned lawyer, and I play a rookie, so we often see cases from different angles. Sometimes, what seemed wrong initially turned out to be right. We clashed a lot at first but gradually found a common ground.”

Reflecting on the theme of the drama, she added, “I realized that divorce isn’t straightforward. It’s deeply personal, and I came to understand that living together isn’t simple either. I believe viewers will experience a range of emotions watching ‘Good Partner.‘”

‘Good Partner‘ is a human legal drama depicting the intense dynamics between star lawyer Cha Eun-kyung (Jang Nara), who sees divorce as her mission, and rookie lawyer Han Yoori (Nam Ji Hyun), who faces divorce cases for the first time. The series realistically portrays the lives of those navigating through divorce.

Jang Nara portrays Cha Eun-kyung, a direct and efficient veteran lawyer. Nam Ji Hyun plays Han Yoori, a passionate rookie lawyer with a strong sense of justice. Kim Joon Han appears as Jung Woo-jin, Cha Eun-kyung’s dependable junior and partner lawyer at Daijeong Law Firm’s divorce division. Pyo Jihoon takes on the role of Jeon Eun-ho, an optimistic lawyer advocating for work-life balance.

Good Partner’ premiered on the 12th at 10 PM, following ‘Connection.’



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