Suzy Tops Poll as the Female Star Fans Want to Spend Summer Vacation With

Singer and actress Suzy has been chosen as the female star fans most want to spend their summer vacation with.

Suzy secured the top spot in the survey titled ‘Which female star do you want to spend summer vacation with?’ conducted on the mobile app Starpoll from the 2nd to the 8th of this month.

In the poll, Suzy confidently earned 1st place with 75,648 votes.

Following closely, Girls’ Generation member and actress YoonA took 2nd place with 39,987 votes. Actress Kim Hye Yoon claimed 3rd place with 700 votes.

Starpoll provides a comprehensive platform where fans can enjoy all things related to their favorite stars, including news, community discussions, and performance updates. It’s a vibrant fandom hub where fans share their admiration for the stars they love.

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