Shin Ha Kyun Opens Up About Camera Anxiety: “Feels Like It’s Staring at Me”

Actor Shin Ha Kyun, marking his 27th year in the industry, confessed to struggling with camera anxiety.

On July 9th, a video titled “Salon Drip 2 with ‘Ssam@Drunken’ Shin Ha Kyun and ‘Ppyong@Long’ Lee Jung-ha” was released on the YouTube channel ‘TEO TEO’. In the video, actorsShin Ha Kyun and Lee Jung Ha, known from the tvN drama ‘Thank You’, appeared and shared various anecdotes.

Reflecting on their first meeting, Shin Ha Kyun praised Lee Jung Ha‘s brightness and purity, noting, “His face embodies youth.” Lee Jung Ha humorously responded, “But in my age group, I’m seen as an adult. I consider (Kim) Dohoon as my elder.”

Discussing their work dynamics, Lee Jung Ha mentioned asking Shin Ha Kyun numerous questions, revealing, “Despite knowing the script well, I found myself surprised and asked many questions, trying to bond with my senior.”

Shin Ha Kyun, mentioning their shared age, added, “He’s very approachable. Among the younger actors, he’s someone I talk to and inquire the most.”

Shin Ha Kyun delved into his past experiences, including managing a logistics center in his early twenties and handling various part-time jobs, including at a kids’ cafe.

Addressing his reputation as a challenging interviewee, Shin Ha Kyun admitted, “It used to be tough in the past, and even now, without the camera, it’s fine. But when the camera is on, I feel a certain anxiety. It feels like the camera is staring at me, making me nervous. Today, I think I managed it well and I’m satisfied.”

Lee Jung Ha, reflecting on his role in the Disney+ series ‘Moving’ alongside Kim Dohoon and Go Yoon-jung, humorously remarked, “I think I did worse than Kim Dohoon but better than Go Yoon-jung noona. The three of us have a good relationship; Dohoon is mischievous, I’m reactive, and Yoon-jung noona balances us out.”

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