Jung Joon Young and Seungri Allegedly Spotted at Clubs Despite ‘Burning Sun’ Scandal

Key figures from the ‘Burning Sun Gate’ scandal, including former BIGBANG member Seungri and singer Jung Joon Young, are making headlines again for their recent club appearances following their releases from prison. Their actions have sparked controversy as they continue to engage in nightlife activities.

On the 8th, reports surfaced on online communities and social media about Jung Joon Young being spotted in Lyon, France.

One netizen recounted, “I was at a club in Lyon with friends when I mistakenly ordered drinks. Just as I was about to offer them to others nearby, a guy suddenly approached and took them. It turned out to be Jung Joon Young.”

The netizen added, “I wasn’t sure at first, but I recognized his tattoos and confirmed it when another Korean pointed him out as a famous singer.”

Another netizen shared a photo of Jung Joon Young with long hair and a beard, smiling and claiming he plans to open a Korean restaurant in Lyon while socializing with women at bars.

Seungri, also central to the ‘Burning Sun Gate’ scandal, has similarly been seen partying after his release. He recently hosted a birthday party in Thailand and sparked controversy by mentioning G-Dragon at an event in Cambodia, singing BIGBANG songs.

Reports have also linked Seungri to controversial figures like Hong Kong actor Pang Chu-ming and Taiwanese actor Kuo Jen-dong, previously involved in drug allegations in China, who were spotted at the Burning Sun club in 2019.

As the scandal re-emerges, attention is also focusing on the victims. Actress Go Joon-hee faced backlash after a photo with Seungri labeled her as a ‘Burning Sun actress,’ causing significant damage to her career. The late singer Goo Hara, who actively supported the journalist covering Burning Sun, also questioned her victimization.

Meanwhile, despite previous convictions, figures like Jung Joon Young and Seungri continue to face criticism for their behavior. The future consequences of their actions remain uncertain.

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