Gong Hyo Jin Gets Hooked on ‘Slam Dunk’ – Names Song Tae-seop as Favorite

Actress Gong Hyo Jin has found a new passion in ‘Slam Dunk’.

On the morning of July 9th,Gong Hyo Jin shared on her Instagram, “Finally watching Slam Dunk. Song Tae-seop was always my No. 1. Feeling nostalgic after a long time. It was so good, I was that person back then,” along with several photos.

In the pictures she posted, Gong Hyo Jin is deeply engrossed in ‘Slam Dunk’, showing her natural and relaxed enjoyment of the show. She ended her post with, “By the way, the last scene was performed so well.”

Gong Hyo Jin tied the knot with singer Kevin Oh in 2022, who is ten years her junior. Currently, Kevin Oh serves as an active-duty soldier in the military and is expected to complete his service in June 2025.

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