BTS Jin’s Appointment as Maison FRED’s First Global Ambassador Sparks High-Speed Jewelry Sold-Out

BTS member Jin has been named the first global ambassador for the prestigious French high jewelry brand Maison FRED, triggering a frenzy of high-priced jewelry selling out rapidly and gaining global popularity.

On the 8th, Maison FRED officially announced Jin as their inaugural global brand ambassador. They expressed excitement over Jin, a 21st-century pop icon and BTS member, decorating their website with his photos immediately.

Jin shared his excitement on Instagram, posting a photo of himself adorned with Maison FRED jewelry and saying, “I’m truly delighted and honored to be Maison FRED’s global brand ambassador. Stay tuned for more appearances with FRED in the future.”

Established in 1936, Maison FRED is a renowned luxury high jewelry brand beloved by European royalty, including legendary actress and Monaco’s princess Grace Kelly. They selected BTS Jin as their first global ambassador after 88 years of operation.

Upon Jin‘s ambassadorship announcement, bracelets priced at approximately 37.5 million Korean won quickly sold out on Maison FRED’s website, the same models featured in Jin‘s photoshoot. The POS 10 Iconic necklace, valued at approximately 134.6 million Korean won and worn by Jin, also sold out instantly. Additionally, earrings priced at around 17.2 million Korean won, also worn by Jin, are currently unavailable.

The overwhelming traffic to Maison FRED’s website caused it to crash, highlighting Jin‘s unmatched popularity and influence as a global superstar.

Since Jin‘s appointment, searches for him have surged to the highest levels on Google in the past five years. He has sparked widespread interest globally, including in the United States, regarding FRED Jewelry.

Known for his ‘Sold-Out King’ status, Jin continues to demonstrate the ‘Jin Effect’ relentlessly, driving rapid sell-outs of products he endorses, from fashion items to even food and beverages.

According to the food industry, Jin‘s endorsements, starting from his role in promoting “Parasite,” which won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2020, and becoming a model for Ottogi Jin Ramen in 2022, have significantly boosted Korean ramen exports. Ottogi achieved record-high sales and profits last year across its main products, including ramen, convenience foods, and sauces.

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