BTS’ Jimin Takes First Place in June K-pop Popularity Vote and Becomes ‘Hope Deliveryman of August’

BTSJimin has once again shown his popularity by taking the top spot in the global artist popularity vote for June in the male individual ranking.

On June 30, Jimin secured first place in the male individual ranking for June on the K-pop artist voting app iDOKI, gathering a total of 4,453,730 votes. This marks Jimin’s third consecutive win since he started participating in the vote.

iDOKI is a global fan community that started in Japan last December and hosts various events for K-pop fans. As a reward for his win, Jimin will get a 7-day advertisement on Harajuku Change Vision in Tokyo, Japan.

Jimin also took first place in the ‘iMoment’ vote, which picks popular artist photos, earning 532 hearts in the past week (July 1 – July 7). ‘iMoment’ features the most-liked photo uploaded to the community each week, from Monday to Sunday. Jimin has held the top spot for 15 straight weeks, showing the strength of his fandom.

Additionally, Jimin was chosen as the ‘Hope Deliveryman of August’ with huge support from fans in the ‘Hope Deliveryman Vote’ held from June 21 to June 29. This vote is part of iDOKI’s donation-driven voting, where artists who get over 100,000 hearts during the voting period help Holt Children’s Services support children in need worldwide, with a donation certificate issued in the artist’s name.

Meanwhile, Jimin is set to release his second solo album ‘MUSE’ on July 19. On June 28, he pre-released ‘Smeraldo Garden Marching Band,’ and the Blooming and Serenade versions of concept photos and clips have since been unveiled, raising anticipation for the new album, which tells a story of finding inspiration.

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