Actor Jeon Bae Soo Joins ‘To My Hae-ri’ Cast Alongside Shin Hye Sun

Actor Jeon Bae Soo has been confirmed to join the cast of the upcoming Genie TV original drama ‘To My Hae-ri’.

According to his agency NUN Company on the 9th, Jeon Bae Soo will appear in ‘To My Hae-ri‘, which is set to premiere in the second half of this year. The drama is written by Han Ga-ram, directed by Jung Ji-hyun and Heo Seok-won, and produced by Studio Dragon and Studio HIM.

To My Hae-ri‘ tells the story of Eun-ho (played by Shin Hye Sun), an announcer who undergoes a transformation due to deep emotional scars, and Hyun-oh (played by Lee Jin Wook), her ex-boyfriend who conceals his own emotional wounds. It promises a refreshing healing romance.

Jeon Bae Soo will portray Kim Shin-joong, the team leader of the announcer department in the drama. Kim Shin-joong is Eun-ho and Hyun-oh’s senior from college, known for his supportive nature tempered with honest criticism. Jeon Bae Soo is expected to bring his friendly yet professional demeanor to the role, complementing Shin Hye Sun‘s character through their interactions.

Previously, Jeon Bae Soo has left a significant impact in various dramas including ‘Queen of Tears’, ‘Morning Will Come Even in a Psychiatric Ward’, ‘The Divorced’, ‘Strange Lawyer Woo Young-woo’, and the movie ‘Confidential Assignment 2: International’.

His performances, such as the compassionate veteran caregiver Yoon Man-cheon in ‘Morning Will Come Even in a Psychiatric Ward’ and the principled Chief Prosecutor Lee Jang-seok in ‘Storm’, have earned him praise for his warm and steadfast acting style.

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