Yuri Shows Endless Love for Girls’ Generation: “Healing with Members’ Beauty”

The members of Girls’ Generation continue to share their strong bond.

On the 8th, Yuri released a video titled “[Yuri’s Made TV] Celebration Gathering for YoonA’s Cute Ears Day” on her YouTube channel.

In the video, Yuri excitedly prepares for YoonA’s birthday party, bringing gifts all the way from Jeju Island.

She shares, “I hope YoonA likes these gifts and feels happy. I wrote a birthday message on a postcard from Jeju.”

Yuri meets Tiffany and expresses her happiness, saying, “I just came from Jeju Island yesterday and wanted to see you guys to feel better.” She compliments YoonA, saying, “You look so innocent. Seeing you after a long time feels refreshing,” admiring her beauty.

Yuri gifts doll keychains, ferns, and throat-soothing tea. Despite her worries, YoonA, Tiffany, and Sooyoung are moved by Yuri‘s thoughtful gifts. Yuri praises their beauty, saying, “Even the way you choose your food looks beautiful. Your beauty is healing to me.”

At YoonA‘s birthday party, Yuri takes lovely photos of YoonA and sings, highlighting their close friendship. They later enjoy bowling together, where Yuri, known for her role in the movie ‘No Breathing,’ shows off her decent bowling skills.

YoonA impresses everyone with her bowling prowess, leading Yuri to exclaim, “How are you so good at this? You’re talented at everything, YoonA.” Sooyoung jokingly teases Yuri about her bowling skills, bringing laughter to the group.

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