Yoona Reunites with Girls’ Generation Members: “Forever Sisters”

Yoona, a member of Girls’ Generation and actress, reunited with her bandmates.

On the 8th, Yoona shared several photos on her Instagram with the caption “Reunion after a long time.”

In the photos, Yoona and Girls’ Generation members Sooyoung, Tiffany, and Yuri are seen enjoying each other’s company, displaying their enduring beauty and close friendship.

Each member of Girls’ Generation is busy in their respective fields. Yoona will appear in the film “The Devil Comes Home” later this year alongside Ahn Bo Hyun. Sooyoung has been active in dramas and films, including her first play last February titled “Wife.”

Tiffany Young recently starred in the Disney+ series “Uncle Samsik” and is currently dazzling audiences in the musical “Chicago,” playing Roxie Hart. Kwon Yuri continues to show her versatility in acting, appearing in dramas, movies, and variety shows.

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