TWICE’s Nayeon’s cute interaction with KISS OF LIFE’s Julie at ‘2024 Waterbomb’ brings a smile on many faces

TWICE‘s Nayeon and KISS OF LIFE‘s Julie had a fun time at the Waterbomb Festival!

Netizens are thrilled to see Nayeon and Julie together at the summer event. Julie, who was featured on Nayeon‘s latest solo album, surprised fans by joining Nayeon on stage.

The two idols posed adorably in their stunning summer outfits, greeting the audience with their infectious joy.

One netizen mentioned that Nayeon gifted Julie a Prada bag as a thank-you for her feature on the album.

Here are some fan reactions:

“They both look so fruity!”

“Omg, their expressions like this ‘ > ㅁ < ‘ are soooo cute!”

“They both resemble bunnies! So cute!”

“Really, really, really, really, really cute!”

“They are both incredibly adorable.”

“I am so happy about this meetup!”

“They are both so refreshing…”

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