Kim Byung Chul and Yoon Se Ah Reunite in KBS 2TV’s ‘Perfect Family’, Confirmed for August Premiere

KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama ‘Perfect Family’ has been confirmed for an August premiere, promising to unravel a tale of suspicion and intrigue within what appears to be an ideal family structure.

Directed by acclaimed Japanese filmmaker Isao Yukisada and produced by Victory Contents, ‘Perfect Family’ introduces a stellar cast including Kim Byung Chul, Yoon Se Ah, Kim Young Dae, Park Ju Hyun, Yoon Sang Hyun, Choi Ye Bin, Lee Si Woo, Kim Do Hyun, and Kim Myung Soo.

Kim Byung Chul takes on the role of Choi Jin-hyuk, a devoted stepfather and lawyer deeply committed to his daughter, portrayed by Park Ju Hyun. His on-screen wife, Ha Eun-joo, played by Yoon Se Ah, transforms into a fierce protector willing to do whatever it takes to safeguard her family. The reunion of Kim Byung Chul and Yoon Se Ah, known for their immersive performances in ‘SKY Castle’, has already sparked significant anticipation.

Park Ju Hyun portrays Choi Seon-hee, the seemingly flawless daughter whose emotional journey unfolds amidst a murder case, showcasing her nuanced acting skills. Her character’s life intersects with Kim Young-dae’s Park Kyung-ho, a charming figure drawn to Seon-hee despite repeated rejections, leading to unforeseen consequences.

Yoon Sang Hyun returns to the small screen after three years as Choi Hyun-min, a character whose kind demeanor masks his probing into Seon-hee’s family vulnerabilities, adding layers of tension to the narrative.

Choi Ye Bin plays Lee Soo-yeon, a determined high school student with a vendetta against Seon-hee, while Lee Si Woo portrays Ji Hyun-woo, secretly harboring unrequited love for the protagonist.

Kim Do Hyun embodies the role of detective Shin Dong-ho, known for his relentless pursuit of justice, with Kim Myung Soo making a special appearance as his junior investigator, Lee Sung-woo.

Directed by Isao Yukisada, renowned for his award-winning films like ‘GO’ and ‘Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World’, ‘Perfect Family’ adapts a popular webtoon into a gripping family drama. With its blend of artistic direction, compelling storyline, and talented cast, the series aims to captivate audiences with its unique portrayal of familial complexities.

‘Perfect Family’ is set to premiere in August, promising an unforgettable viewing experience for drama enthusiasts.



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