Ju Ji Hoon Talks about Drastic Visual Changes in ‘Project Silence’ Role: “If It Serves the Story, I’m All In”

Ju Ji Hoon, starring in ‘Project Silence‘ shared his reasons for taking on his role. On the 8th, the press screening for ‘Project Silence‘ was held at CGV Yongsan I-Park Mall in Seoul. Director Kim Tae-gon and actors Ju Ji Hoon, Kim Hee Won, Park Hee Bon, and Kim Soo An attended, discussing their experiences.

Project Silence‘ follows the intense struggle for survival amidst collisions in dense fog and the release of uncontrollable military experimental dogs on the collapsing Airport Bridge.

Ju Ji Hoon portrays the Rex driver ‘Jo Bak,’ aiming for a fresh transformation. He brings a unique visual appeal and charm, showcasing playful interactions with his dog companion ‘Jodi,’ a first in his career.

Explaining his choice to join ‘Project SilenceJu Ji Hoon remarked, “The fast-paced storyline and intense thrill were captivating. Playing a character with depth was exciting.” Addressing his radical transformation, he added, “Some call it breaking the mold, but I don’t limit myself to that.”

He continued, “If a character adds value to the story, I’m eager to take on the challenge without hesitation. I’m grateful for directors trusting me across different genres in dramas and movies.” He concluded, “Humans are complex beings, and portraying ‘Jo Bak,’ who prioritizes survival instincts, was a compelling journey.”

Project Silence‘ hits theaters on the 12th of this month.

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