HyunA surprises netizens with her new look at ‘2024 Waterbomb’

Netizens are buzzing about HyunA‘s recent appearance at the ‘2024 Waterbomb’ Festival.

Many are talking about her changed appearance, suggesting that she might have removed her lip fillers. Fans are saying she looks “even better than before.”

One popular comment mentioned that she now looks like the HyunA “from her 4minute days,” closer to her debut era.

However, some netizens are worried that these changes could be side effects from various cosmetic procedures.

Most comments suggested that HyunA would look “perfect” if she ditched the smokey eye makeup, which they felt gave her “dark circles,” and opted for normal contact lenses.

Here are some reactions:

“She looks a thousand times better with thinner lips.”

“I love HyunA with thinner lips.”

“Wow, this reminds me of her Wonder Girls days, especially with that hairstyle.”

“She reminds me of her ‘Red’ days!”

“I can’t believe there are still people hating on HyunA. She’s 33. Do you think people always look the same as they did in their teens and twenties?”

“HyunA looks even more beautiful without any makeup.”

“She’s beautiful. She seems to have a cool-toned complexion.”

“She looks so, so, so much better this way.”

“I think she just lost weight in general.”

I miss her blonde look from her Troublemaker days.”

Whata are your thoughts?



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