Hyolyn Announces Exciting Comeback with Digital Single ‘Wait’

Prepare for the return of the original Summer Queen, Hyolyn, who is set to drop her latest digital single ‘Wait’ on August 12th.

On July 7th and 8th, her agency Bridge officially unveiled the release schedule and concept photos, building anticipation for Hyolyn‘s upcoming track. ‘Wait’ promises to add a refreshing twist to this summer, capturing the essence of breaking free and soaring higher.

Hyolyn, renowned for her summer anthems, aims to solidify her title as the ‘Summer Queen’ with ‘Wait’, showcasing her growth and artistic exploration as a soloist.

Her journey to Los Angeles to collaborate with global producers has sparked considerable interest, hinting at a song that blends international flair with Hyolyn‘s signature style.

Accompanying the announcement are concept photos that portray Hyolyn against picturesque natural backdrops, exuding an aura of adventure and charm reminiscent of a modern-day heroine.

Fresh off the success of her ‘2024 Hyolyn Show World Tour Concert’ in Taiwan and Hong Kong, both as a soloist and with ‘SISTAR19’, Hyolyn is gearing up for an exciting comeback. Fans can catch her live at ‘KCON LA 2024’ on the 27th.

Mark your calendars for August 12th at 6 PM KST, when Hyolyn‘s ‘Wait’ will be available on major music streaming platforms.



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