Fans Aren’t Happy Over HyunA’s Plan of Marrying Boyfriend Yong Jun Hyung Amid Scandal, “Ruining her career like this”

Could there be another love like this? Singer HyunA (31) is marrying her boyfriend Yong Jun Hyung (34), even though he’s involved in the Jung Joon-young hidden camera scandal. Their love story is facing a lot of criticism from fans.

HyunA is known for her public relationships. In 2018, she admitted to dating Pentagon’s Dawn (29), which led to both of them being kicked out of Cube Entertainment. They were together for six years, sharing duet songs, appearing on variety shows, posting cute couple photos, and even a diamond proposal.

After breaking up with Dawn, HyunA started dating Yong Jun Hyung a year and two months later, and she announced it herself. But this relationship is more dramatic because of Yong Jun-hyung’s involvement in the Burning Sun scandal. Although he wasn’t in the infamous group chat, he admitted to receiving illegal videos from Yong Jun Hyung in private messages, which caused a lot of anger.

Yong Jun Hyung first denied it, saying, “I didn’t film or share any illegal videos. I’m friends with Yong Jun Hyung, but I feel wronged to be blamed because of our friendship.” Later, he admitted, “After drinking with Yong Jun Hyung in late 2015, I got an illegal video from him the next day and watched it. I had inappropriate conversations about it,” which led to his exit from the group Highlight (formerly BEAST).

Yong Jun Hyung came back as a solo artist in 2022, saying, “I was not in any group chat,” which made people angry again.

HyunA kept her relationship with Yong Jun Hyung public despite the negative reactions. Recently, the Burning Sun scandal came up again, bringing more criticism to HyunA.

Yong Jun Hyung finally explained last month, “I got a video through a private message and didn’t know what it was before watching it. I could have said, ‘Stop, this is wrong,’ but I didn’t. I was never in any group chat and not involved in the incidents.” He added, “The media and people have labeled me as involved in the incident, but I hoped it would pass. Even though it may hurt me, I will endure it. Please don’t hurt my loved ones and fans.”

However, his comments didn’t help, and the couple is now seen as ‘unpopular.’

HyunA announced her marriage to Yong Jun Hyung, showing her support despite the backlash. Known for her ‘girl crush’ charm and large female fan base, HyunA’s social media is now full of critical comments like, “Dating was shocking enough, but marriage? Is she planning to retire?” “Marrying such a terrible man is unthinkable,” “They really are a perfect match,” and “Ruining her career like this.”

Despite the controversy, HyunA and Yong Jun Hyung plan to have an outdoor wedding on October 11 at Samcheonggak in Seoul. HyunA is standing by Yong Jun Hyung, who has been her support during tough times.

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