MAMAMOO’s Hwasa and HyunA Wore the Same Outfit at ‘2024 Waterbomb’ but Served Totally Different Vibes

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa and HyunA are grabbing attention by showing off different styles in the same outfit.

On July 5th, Hwasa and HyunA both wore a white sleeveless top over a black bralette, creating a stylish look.

Hwasa paired hers with shiny khaki shorts, making her outfit look hip and chic, showing off her unique fashion sense.

HyunA, on the other hand, wore black shorts and fishnet stockings, giving off a sultry and feminine vibe.

Their different styles show how the same outfit can look completely different depending on how it’s matched.

Fans and netizens are praising both Hwasa and HyunA for their amazing fashion sense.



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