Lee Chae Yeon addresses rumors that she and her sister, ITZY’s Chaeryeong, haven’t been getting along lately

Singer Lee Chae Yeon recently cleared up some surprising rumors, including ones about kleptomania and issues with her sister.

On July 6th, a video titled “A Singer Stealing from Her Mom’s Wallet to Dance Better” was uploaded to the YouTube channel ‘Newsface.’

In the video, Lee Chae Yeon, who recently made a comeback with a new song, was the guest.

Host Lee Chang Ho asked her, “Do you have any tips for dancing as lightly as a feather?” Chae Yeon answered, “The less surface area your feet touch the ground, the lighter you are.”

When asked about her practice methods, Chae Yeon joked, “Don’t you lift your heels when you secretly take money from your mom’s wallet?”

Lee Chang Ho then asked, “So you practiced light dancing by sneaking into your mother’s wallet?” Chae Yeon laughed and admitted, “I did it a few times. Not often, just once or twice.”

Lee Chang Ho mentioned, “I heard Lee Chae Yeon has kleptomania. They say you steal your sister’s clothes, take her bed, and even snatched coupons on a broadcast.”

Chae Yeon responded, “Are you going to label me a kleptomaniac? I haven’t stolen my sister’s clothes that often, or have I?” She seemed unsure but clarified, “Stealing coupons on the broadcast was for entertainment. It was planned to be funny.”

Chae Yeon also talked about her siblings, including her younger sister Chaeryeong from ITZY, her youngest sister Chaemin, and their pet dogs Cherri and Chaeso.

“Cherri and Chaeso are so cute. They don’t age. I’m jealous they don’t need to go to the dermatologist. Cherri even understands words. When our family raises our voices, she goes upstairs,” Chae Yeon said, expressing her love for her pets.

However, about her youngest sister, she bluntly said, “She’s a pain,” and regarding Chaeryeong, she confessed, “Chaeryeong is on tour, so it’s hard to get in touch with her.”

Lee Chang Ho asked, “Is there an issue between you and your sister?” Chae Yeon replied, “No problem. But it feels like a business relationship these days.”

Chae Yeon revealed, “I think my sister wants to be the opposite of me. She wants to be seen as calm, elegant, and mature, while I’m more carefree and mischievous.”

Lee Chang Ho commented, “You seem elegant now. Are you holding back?” Chae Yeon admitted, “I’m holding back a bit now,” and added, “My sister takes care of me and thinks about me, but I think and care about her more. She can’t do without me. She can’t be without me,” showing her confidence as an older sister.



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