Kim Hye Soo excites fans with a short behind-the-scenes clip from the filming of ‘Signal 2’

Actress Kim Hye Soo shared a video on Instagram, and fans are thrilled, thinking it’s from the filming of ‘Signal 2.’

On July 5th, actress Kim Hye Soo posted a short video with a heart hand emoji.

In the video, Kim Hye Soo looks happy, making a hand heart and blowing kisses. Her outfit and the location in the video caught everyone’s attention.

Kim Hye Soo is dressed in a retro-style outfit and is at what looks like an old police station, the filming location for ‘Signal 2.’

Fans commented, “Wow, this is definitely ‘Signal 2’,” “I’m so, so excited,” and “If it’s ‘Signal 2,’ please send us a signal.”

It’s reported that ‘Signal 2,’ the sequel to the popular tvN drama ‘Signal,’ is currently being prepared, making Kim Hye Soo‘s video even more exciting for fans.



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