“He’s like a prince” — Comedian Hong Hyun Hee praises ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon’s visuals on ‘The Manager’

Hong Hyun Hee was amazed by Sunghoon‘s looks on ‘The Manager.’

On July 6th, MBC‘s show ‘The Manager‘ featured ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon and Sunoo.

During the episode, Sunghoon showed off his prince-like visuals, making Hong Hyun Hee exclaim in admiration.

The panelists even asked Sunghoon, “Are those your real eyebrows?” He replied, “I’ve had these eyebrows since I was young. They’re my trademark,” and lifted his bangs to show them.

Hong Hyun Hee, closely inspecting Sunghoon‘s eyebrows, squealed with excitement, saying, “I thought I was looking at a prince,” and praised him.

Yang Se Hyung also reacted with amazement, saying, “Eyebrows like these are rare.” Sunghoon then shared childhood photos, showing his perfect looks since a young age, and drew even more attention.

Meanwhile, ENHYPEN‘s Sunoo talked about his frequent overseas trips, saying, “I’ve lost track of dates. I feel more comfortable on planes than at home. While others find long-distance flights hard, I actually find them more comfortable and enjoyable,” surprising everyone.



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