BTS’ Jin causes a stir with his new selfie

BTSJin has once again wowed fans worldwide with his stunning visuals.

On July 6, Jin shared two photos on Instagram. Even with his short hair and bare face, fresh from his military discharge on June 12, he looked amazing.

Fans couldn’t get enough of his mesmerizing eyes, perfect nose, beautiful lips, and flawless skin. Jin‘s calm and direct gaze added to his unique charm.

In the photos, Jin wore a simple white T-shirt that showed off his broad shoulders. Fans also noticed his small headphones, hinting he might be recording something, which made everyone excited about his perfect proportions and looks.

Jin also showed love for his fans by interacting on Weverse. He humorously replied to a fan’s post about his Instagram selfie, saying, “Because it’s Jin.” When another fan asked for a “TMI of the day,” he replied, “Lost my lip balmㅠ,” making everyone smile.

Fans around the world celebrated Jin’s beautiful selfies and Weverse comments by trending hashtags like #SEOKJIN, #BTSJIN, Weverse, KSJ1 IS COMING, and JIN IS COMING on Twitter.

Fans reacted with comments like, “Wow, he looks this good even with short hair and no makeup,” “His skin is perfect. I’m so happy he posts on Instagram often,” “He’s so handsome even in casual selfies,” “A handsome man saves the world,” “Seokjin is incredibly handsome and cute,” “He looks like a prince even in a simple white T-shirt,” and “Truly the best visual.”



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